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Family House, Inc. was established in 1981

by agroup of community leaders and residents interested in

strengthening the family unit.


Family House provides a safe home-like environment where

non-custodial parents can spend time with their children under supervision.

We also provide supervised transfers when parents may share custody or

visitation of children. Staff members combine compassion and direction to guide parents in strengthening their relationships with their children.



"We've been foster parents for several years, because it enhances our family and gives children a chance to have a normal family. I can't imagine fostering without a place like this. It gives me the security of knowing that this child I've come to love is safe even when I'm not there."-Foster Mom

"Our family was able to reunite after working through our problems at Family House. We felt comfortable there. We're grateful to look ahead to better days together."-Father reunited with family after treatment for drug addiction

"I like it at Family House. It's a real house and it feels like home."- 9 year-old who was able to visit with a non-custodial parent through Family House

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